4000 (Roco)



CFL electric locomotive - class 4000

In january 2000 Bombardier Transportation created with the locomotive 185 001 a multi-system variant of the DB series 145. In Switzerland this engines are series Re482 (SBB) and Re 485 (BLS). In Luxembourg the are called series 4000 and with "Metronom Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH"  series 146.

The locomotive is equal to series 185.1 of DB-AG und is uses in passenger service (with double-deck coaches) as well as in freight service. The CFL 4000 is a Bombardier TRAXX P140 AC1. 



In 2013 the G.A.R. celebrates 2 anniversaries in the same year:

- Since the foundation of the association in 1973, 40 years have elapsed.

- Since the first direct train run from Luxembourg to Blankenberge in 1978, 35 years have elapsed.

In 2013, it is 40 years ago, that the G.A.R. has been created as association without benefit purpose by some enthusiasts of railway. Even before this, some activities were developped by the members of the former ALACF (luxembourgish association of railway friends) and it was realised, that actually it might be possible, to make railway transportation even more attractive for the people

Therefore in July/August 2013 the GAR had decorated the locomotive 4017. In this decoration the 4017 run several months.

The ROCO 73595/79595 is teh model (HO) of the decorated locomotive CFL 4017. 

model number

locomotive number


GAR 73595 Gleichstrom DC




GAR 79595 Wechselstrom AC