The trolley



It is said that the trolley No.11 was build in 1943 (if you know details please contact us) by the firm FKF (Frankfurter Kraftfahrzeug Fabrik). The vehicle of the class Klv 04 was delivered to the former "Deutsche Reichsbahn gesellschaft (DRG)". After second word war it stayed in Luxembourg and was in 1946 incorporated in the rolling stock of the new created CFL. The trolley was in use with number 11 at different places.

After its discharge from service during 1970, the trolley was buyed by a private person who placed it in front of his house. In the year 1981 the GAR acquired the trolley and was restored in the workshop in Luxembourg. It was not possible to use the trolley because the most important part, the motor was missing. Nevertheless the trolley could be admired at several exposition.

In 2001 the diesel-motor, thought lost, was found und it was finally possible to undertake excursions with the trolley. At 21 may 2001 the vehicle for the first time rolled on CFL tracks


Some technical details:


Constructor of body: FKF Frankfurt

Constructor of motor:

ILO Pinneberg (2-cycle)
Cylinder capacity: 175 cm3
Power: 12 HP 
Driving: front-wheel drive with lamella-clutch and a 3-gear "GETRAG" transmission.