The GAR dining-car


The NEW GAR Rendez-Vous



From 1965 to 1967 the CFL procured 60 passenger coaches for local traffic at the firm Wegmann in Kassel. These coaches were derived from the type Bnb-59 (later Bn-719) of the German Railways (Deutschen Bundesbahn).. Die execution was adapted to the technical conditions on the luxembourgish network. Thanks to its universal conception the coaches were found in regular service in Amsterdam, Koblenz, Limburg (Lahn) as well as Blankenberge. With special trains you could see them in, Köln, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Berlin, Budapest, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Wien Brig, Chur, Chiasso und Dijon.

Due to the increase of the number of passengers (40%), 57 of these cars were brought up-to-date by the CFL between 1990 and 1995. 2 coaches have been transformed to bicycle-cars (Velos).

The last, the 60th Wegmann coach obtained a new determination, he became the RENDEZ-VOUS car of the G.A.R.


Since the foundation in 1973, the GAR (Groupement des Amis du Rail asbl) organizes in collaboration with the CFL group voyages for his members. In order to satisfy the increasing demand of the participants, the GAR had to improve steadily the food-supply. In a first time only cold drinks were offered to the passengers. From 1979 on the offer included coffee and "croissants", in 1980 sandwiches were offered and from 1981 on the first hot meals were served to passengers.

In 1986 for the special train "Carolus Magnus" to Aachen (the "Karlspreis" was appointed to the whole people of Luxembourg), a Wegmann-car was for the first time equipped with tables. These allowed now to the passengers to travel more comfortable and more relaxed. From now on, when a Wegmann coach was fitted out with this special equipment it was appointed the name of "Rendez-Vous". A concept was born.

From 1987 on a "Rendez-Vous" car was regularly incorporated in the Blankenberge-Express.

As the setting and dismantling before and after every course of the whole equipment (18 tables as well as the complete kitchen material) took much pain, in 1990 the CFL put a Wegmann coach during the summer season at the GAR's disposal. This way of doing was very successful and today special courses without the dining-car "Rendez-Vous" are quite imaginable. It must be said that all the alimentation is honorary job of the GAR members.

When at the end of 1994 a complete restoration of the used Wegmann coach was necessary, the CFL decided to reserve one Wegmann car for special duty . Together with the CFL the GAR began to "create" the new "Rendez-Vous".




In order to simplify the futur restorations it was decided from the beginning to use a CFL Wegmann coach as basis for creating in a dining-car. The CFL  workshop of Pétange was delegated to to the job of the transformation, the CFL workshop of Luxembourg did the electrical installations.. The GAR was responsable for all the dining-car specific components (kitchen, tables, seats, ...).

Following  the main transformations:

  • Installation of a great und functional kitchen with gas cooking stove at the place of one of the smaller compartment and the entrance platform.

  • Electrical  alimentation from the dynamo installed in the the coach and alternately from on 6,5 kW diesel generator plus adaptations at the electrical equipment of the car.

  • Optimal thermal and acoustic isolation of the car.

  • Adjustments on the heating system.

  • Putting of a special non-slipping new floor.

  • Installation of fixed tables between the seats fastened on the floor and on the wall.

  • Additional lamps on the tables.

  • New clothed upholstery of the seats.

  • Transformation of the seats and the luggage supports.

  • Wardrobe for the crew.

  • Painting the dining-car in a new design  according to the new corporate identity of the CFL.

  • The walls in the passenger compartments were equipped with fire-resistent materials and the kitchen with anti-corrosive steel 

Beside these special pieces of work it was the intention of the CFL and the GAR to restore the car so that the useful life was another 15 years and that the construction (transformation) year would be 1995.

Of course the new vehicle is inserted in special trains like the famous Blankenberge Express, the "Grengen Zuch" (green train), the " Genzenzuch" (genus train), the "Jugendzuch" (youngster train) and the Christmas trains where the car can be used by the passengers.

Beside these charges with CFL & GAR the vehicle may be used in charter. The ordering person may hereby decide to use himself the installed kitchen, to have delivered the food by an external supplier or he may have done the job by the GAR members. In the first two cases a GAR member will accompany the car in order to handle the technical equipment.

The dining-car "Rendez-Vous" has 68 seats, can run 140 km/hour in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Austria und in Switzerland.

A second Wegmann coach with the same equipment of tables (but without a kitchen) is available so that in total 136 seating places are at the client's disposal.



design 2

design 2

design 2


THE SECOND TRANSFORMATION 2004 & 2005 (design 3)

In 2004 the "Rendez-Vous" car has received a new design. In the kitchen 2 new refrogerators have been installed. This has reduced the available places from 68 to 64 seats. All this has been done by the workshops of Pétange and Luxxembourg.

In 2005 380V cables were installed in the dining-car offering the possibility to use the kitchen with electric energy from another car with an diesel generator.


design 3

design 3

design 3



End of 2005 the Rendez-Vous car bas been classified as "historical car" to be preserved by the luxemburgish Ministery of Culture. The car still belongs to CFL. It has been decided to revise the car in Neumünster Germany.  The three other historical Wegmann cars used in restauration (DAB 494, DAB 486, B 441) will also be revised. (see also: Wegmann Chronics).

At the beginning of 2012 the renez-Vous BR457 as well as the auxilliary dining-car DAB 494 were transferred to Neumünster (Germany). The BR457 was totally revised with a new design similiar to design 2. The DAB 494 was not revised due to an sefective substraucture (frame).

design 4

design 4