Rendez-Vous car in design 4

Wegman DAB 494 + B 441

Bicycle car in design 2


The CFL / GAR auxilliary dining-cars DAB 494 and DAB 486, the bicycle car D 002 ass well as the bar-car B 441 are no longer available.


The GAR owns a dining-car called "Rendez-Vous". It has been transformed from a CFL Wegmann coach. It is equipped with a professional kitchen, can run at 140 km/hour and is authorized to circulate in most European countries.

It is possible to rent 3 historical green Wegman cars.

The previous complementary dining-cars DAB 494, DAB 486, the bycycle-car D 002 as well as the bar-car B 441 are no longer available.


Hiring of the carriages

It is possible to hire the "Rendez-Vous" dining-car and the 3 Wegman green cars at the GAR. If the client wants, the GAR can organize the whole voyage.

The cars can be incorporated in a regular train course  under the condition, that the train is not a railcar or a multiple-unit. We offer the possibility to organize a special train eventually hauled by the restorated diesel locomotive 1604.


Rendez-Vous dining car (without accomodation):  250 per day

The 3 green Wegman cars:   price depends on CFL


Additional to this price are the railway tickets (CFL or others). It must be considered that, when used outside of Luxemburg, the CFL normally needs 1 day to transport the carriage at destination and one day to bring it back to Luxemburg (rent for 3 days).

When accommodation is ordered (meal & drinks) no fee for the dining-car has to be paid.


The Accommodation

Although the dining-car is equipped with a professional kitchen we cannot not cook all sorts of meals as in a normal restaurant. 

For further information please contact the GAR.


The GAR is always searching volunteers, who are disposed to assist in accommodation.

If you like to travel in train and enjoy to serve in the dining-car or distribute drinks, please contact us.

kitchen of dining-car

diner in dining-car

table in dining car